Yoga Studio


My Yoga offers a healthy sustainable space to practice yoga.

Ahimsa – The principle of nonviolence toward all living things.

80% of building materials fixtures and hardware used to up fit our space came from scrap wood and reclaimed items from Habitat for Humanity and Re-Store.

Low VOC paint was used while remodeling the reception area and shower rooms; NO VOC paint was used in the practice space.

Sustainable (click together, no glue) cork floors in our practice space provide a naturally anti-microbial non-slip surface that is easy to clean, softer on the joints when doing floor poses and no off gas fumes when heated. The floors outside the practice space are made of recycled paper.

Our studio space is heated with energy efficient Infrared radiant heat panels. The panels heat the objects in the room, not the air. This provides a silent, even sun-like warmth that does not deplete oxygen in the room like most forced air heating systems do. There are no moving parts or vents to harbor dust and moisture, therefore, reducing airborne allergens and harmful pathogens.

Our fresh air exhaust system circulates outside air into the studio.

We use environmentally friendly cleaning products to reduce the chemical impact on our air quality: Seventh Generation hand soap, laundry detergents, and bathroom cleaners. Mrs. Meyer’s All Purpose Cleaner with added tea tree oil to mop our studio floors after every class and vinegar and water to clean our mirrors.

We do not use paper towels in our restrooms or shower rooms. We have opted for washcloths that are washed/dried and reused to save trees and reduce our landfill waste.

We do provide toilet paper, but even that is 100% post-consumer, recycled, non-bleached Seventh Generation or made from bamboo paper.

We have plants in our studio to promote oxygen and to naturally filter our air.

We use an energy efficient front load washer and dryer to wash our mats and towels. We hang our laundry to dry in the studio overnight to save electricity.

Our studio is sunlit during the day, so we never have to turn the lights on. Two floor lamps light our studio for night classes.

Light bulbs are either CFLs or Halogens to reduce our energy footprint.

We offer filtered drinking water and encourage you to fill your bottles.

We have low-flow filtered shower heads that reduce chlorine, fluoride and other chemicals found in tap water.

We have a paperless sign-in.

We use 100% Essential oils.

We use electronic credit card processing to eliminate paper receipts and paper waste.

Our printer paper is Tree Free and made from sugar cane and bamboo.

Our yoga mats are latex and lead-free, and our yoga blocks are made of Eco-Friendly EVA foam or cork.


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