Welcome to My Yoga! Nurturing minds & bodies in Durham.

Through the practice of yoga you begin to experience, not only physical benefits, but the journey of self-exploration that unites the mind, body, and spirit; enabling you to become your highest self.


We offer several different styles of hot yoga in a supportive, healthy, non-competitive environment. Our studio is heated with state of the art infrared radiant heat panels, which provide sun like warmth while maintaining superior air quality.

Read more about our healthy heat system here. (have a pdf to upload)


Barkan Method
is hot yoga incorporating a series of standing poses, floor poses, two breathing exercises. Added Vinyasa flow poses keep different muscles moving and challenged

Hot Yoga /Hot 26
the classic hot yoga style (26 static poses) designed to work the whole body from the “inside out,” the sequence of postures will stimulate, and restore health to every muscle, joint, and organ of the body

Hot Power Yoga
focuses on building muscular strength and breath awareness to help deepen your practice

Deep Stretch and Slow Flow
classes designed to help open and release tight muscles and stiff joints with more of a restorative feel

Hot Vinyasa
a method of yoga that involves synchronizing each breath with each movement and Yoga Nidra, which is part Vinyasa and part guided meditation


Basic Hot Yoga
a slower pace with a bit more instruction

Warm Yoga
lowered heat with slower movements

All classes are heated, 75-90 minutes long, and are suitable for all levels from first timers to more advanced practitioners. Classes are all designed to keep you physically challenged and mentally relaxed at the same time.

Private and Group Semi Private Classes Available.

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