”I’m in my fourth year of practice but lacked a dedicated studio until I found MyYoga. The studio is gorgeous and the heat is great for my tight muscles and achy joints. There are diverse offerings that create a great balance of strength building, relaxation, and mindfulness, which is great for all types of yogis and really great for runners, too!

Maddy is such a receptive and caring person, and this comes through not only in class, but in every interaction before and after practice, in every detail of this studio from the incredible heating system to the river stones in the showers. MyYoga goes beyond mere asana and seeks to provide mindfulness and a depth of practice I rarely get from other studios in the area.

I am so grateful to call this my yoga home.”

-Allie Mullin

”Hot yoga and its benefits are beyond those found in the textbook. It’s ability to release stiffness in my joints resulting from a stroke, has been nothing short than amazing. If I had not maintained flexibility prior to this occuring, through regular practice of yoga, my recovery would have taken twice if not three times longer. I thank all those instructors committed to the cause of providing the practice of hot yoga yoga to their students. And thank Maddy, for her commitment to her students well-being.”


”It has only been four weeks short weeks since I first started hot yoga, but I feel that the change it has made in my life cannot be described as anything short of a complete transformation. As a student who spends eight hours a day at a desk, it is remarkable to see how much my mental focus has improved even in the past few weeks. On the whole, I feel much more alert and energized, and I have also noticed that when I actually sit down to work, it now takes a considerably shorter amount of time for me to gather and focus my thoughts. I have also found it easier to focus my attention on tasks for longer periods of time.

Apart from the mental benefits, however, the tangible, physical changes that I can see in my body have been absolutely thrilling. Knowing that I see my body every day (and consequently, that the proximity makes it that much more difficult to detect change), I have, nevertheless, been able to actually see the physical changes taking place in my body. My arms are tighter, my stomach is more toned, and the definition that I can see in my legs is really exciting. However, the most amazing change that I have seen in my body is the drastic reduction of cellulite, which I feel was even more rewarding because it was so unexpected. While there are many women that have resigned themselves to cellulite as a inevitability of age, before giving up completely, I would challenge them to give hot yoga an honest chance. As an experiment when I started hot yoga, I began a vegetarian and dairy-free diet, which I kept to for six days a week, and the conjunction of the two has made a tremendous difference in my physical appearance. The cellulite that I had has been reduced about 70-80%–in just a month!–and I have absolutely no doubt that continuing to eat well and doing hot yoga will take care of the rest. Honestly, it is really shocking for me to think that the backs of my legs look as good now as they did in high school, but as an indicator of what’s still to come, it is also very exciting to think about how my body will continue to change.

In short, thank you so much, Maddy, for making hot yoga such a positive experience. I really appreciate it and I sincerely hope that other people can learn about hot yoga and enjoy it as well.”


Thank you for setting me on fire when I began taking your classes in Hillsborough. The benefits I received from daily and weekly classes are beyond explanation. I would suggest the hot 26 to anyone. Your care and attention is greatly appreciated.”


”What hot yoga has meant to me….. Lets start with life changer. My body and mind have never been to this place before. I crave it, I need it. I am a better person because of it. Hot yoga has tapped in to me mentally as well as physically and emotionally. As a matter of fact I had Maddie teach a private lesson for my entire family, which by the way is full of testosterone in having 3 teenage boys and my husband. I am so passionate about this practice I needed to share this with them. They all amazed me and walked away feeling humbled by their experience. I also can say that during my season of work I am at a computer from Sept-March and have had some issues with the carpel tunnel. That is literally non-existent since doing this yoga. There are endless benefits that I get out of this. My entire family embraces this practice for me because they see what a difference i t has made in my life. If you haven’t done this hot yoga, I recommend it….”

-Susie Fisher

”I had strained my lower back and decided to take a break from my regular running routine. Trying hot yoga made my lower back feel a million times better and brought out my inner gymnast (I am not very flexible!). Finding hot yoga will make your life so much richer!”

-Stacy Bodette

My hot yoga experience: “I am new to yoga practice, and have only taken a few hot yoga classes, but I am absolutely in love. Hot yoga pushes me to achieve more both physically and mentally. During hot yoga, I have been able to reach levels of flexibility and focus that I never thought possible, and every time I finish a class, I walk out feeling truly revitalized and at peace with myself. It always amazes me how I can start a class feeling stressed out and leave with a clear vision of how to fix certain troubles in my life. For me, hot yoga is detoxifying not only for my body, but for my spirit as well”.


-Virginia Ahalt

”I tore my hamstring tripping on a trail while training for a marathon, no time yoga I thought. But my rehab was really slow and I discovered that the one thing that never hurts and always makes my running stronger is hot yoga. I think the combination of strengthening from the poses and the deeper stretch from the heat have made for a winning combination. It’s been the best progress I’ve made”,

-Jean McDonald


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